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This reference to all Christians of the world from last apostle Jesus Christ.

This reference to all Christians of the world from last apostle Jesus Christ.
When the world will not execute it to the world there will be the same that was with Nineviej during prophet Nauma.
Apostle Baaz (Matfeja 12:41)

SECOND epistles

with prophetic word of God about the last time

November 14, 1999goda for Christmas

1.B fourteenth day of the eleventh month of the last full year of the end of time and time and half on the 1256-th day of the last half of last weeks: seventy sevens, the night was the Word in the Holy Spirit the last of the 153-x sent, a man named Anatol, the son of a winner from the root of Jesse, the son of David, the son Voozova son Solmonova, a descendant of Abraham. 2. This Son of man of the peoples of Anatolia, who suffers from captivity and plunder, called the Holy Spirit and denominate the service names Baaz Paraclete who dwells, as it is written There will come a Savior, awake, being clothed in sackcloth, 3. saw abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, 4.ibo it is written, and will not change: So let it be known to you that salvation God sent unto the Gentiles: and they hear. 5.Posemu listen, pagans and call themselves believers in the Word of the Living God, Strong, the Almighty, for The saying is true. 6. And who will keep my word in his heart and fulfill his thoughts, words and deeds are one abiding in Him and save it as the most precious gift of salvation, when he was tried and ispytuem fire of truth, and not spare his soul for the sake of performance the Word, although before his death, he did not see Court, being cleaned, whitened and melted into the temptation to eternal life. 7. A who do not keep my word in my heart not perform his thoughts, words and deeds are one not abiding in Him and not save it as the most precious gift to salvation, when he was tried and ispytuem fire of truth and spare his life for the better performance of their appetites than to respect my word, then I will set my face against him, and Courts fire of my wrath shall devour him and he will go into hell, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and where their worm does not die, their fire is not quenched. 8. Then came Word of the Lord to me: "Son of man! Tell all the churches who are on the countenance Earth in the Diaspora, O LORD God the Father Almighty, who created the one holy Catholic, Apostolic Church 9. and if what land has sinned against me; treacherously departed from me, and I stretch out my hand to it, and destroyed it staff of bread, and sent it to my four sore: the sword and hunger, fierce beasts, and pestilence, to cut violated the commandments of my love, 10. then one I would have contained only make the land desolate, as it was already in Nineveh in days of the prophet Jonah. 11. Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD: this generation of onions, he is looking sign, and a sign shall not be given it except the sign of Jonah, 12. and here they those days, when I opened the sixth seal, and within thirty days after the fall of stars with sky, which will be three days from this day, I will begin my judgments. 13. Who do wickedly reaches thousand three hundred thirty-five days, because for them will be the end of these wonders, that the wicked are called life, not knowing the true life. 14. But My wise, the number of sealed, shall understand the word of this prophecy, and many cleared, whitened and will be melted down into temptation, repented in sackcloth, as Nineveh, now at the end of a thousand two hundred ninety days of the last half of the last weeks:. 15. Came to me the word of the Lord: son man Tell all the people living today who has the right mind, he shall understand all about number of the beast, that I opened for you, because it is a human number, and time and poluvremya times, and the books were opened, and my breaking of seals in my, but there are time to time the sons of men to protect the earth from the seven bowls of wrath, because I am slow to anger, Lord God! 16. Came to me the word of the Lord: son man Let me read it to anyone who wants to live and receive eternal life: let them know, O LORD God Almighty, which gives the Court and the mercy of my hand to anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned be. 17. And as men once to die, and then the Court, and Christ, once offering Himself as a sacrifice to podyat sins of many, in the second time will not for sin, and waiting for His salvation unless you believed in vain. 18. Who reads the prophecy of this, but does not leave in the dark near, and brother and sister, and OTCwell, and his mother, so that each was told the Courts of mine about my decision for everyone to take the gospel of truth, about the Court and for mercy, knowing the first all, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation. 19.Ibo prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but he spake holy men of God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. 20.I have been to me the Word Lord: "Son of man! tell all: thus saith the Lord God! Behold, I am on those who do not believe and does not fulfill my word to this fourteenth day, month Eleventh, the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety ninth chronology of the birth of a son of my beloved Only begotten, through thirty-three days to forty-five days I will fulfill the oath that dwelleth ever, that by the end of time and times and half a time, and for very scatter the power of the holy people will be the end of these wonders, 21.kotorye kings of the earth and the princes, and wealthy, and all live now contradict me consider the achievement of their carnal mind, 22.kotorye being turned into irony and vanity of vanities, for which should be common sense, you have the abomination of desolation, where be clean, you lust and temptations; cunning governs your hearts, and power that I gave you, is not used for the good of your connivance. 23.Lozh ruled kingdoms and children learn to crimes and strife in your houses. 24.Na the streets of your village trampled the truth and the truth is not looking at the squares. 25.V temples of your idols and censing violated My covenant ministries symbols of other gods. 26.Bezzakoniya overwhelm the courts and your petrified soul, and no righteous dispensation of cases under the arches of heaven from the hands and speeches of the wicked, which multiply lawlessness trample mine holy things, and heard by the courts price the potter's field. 27.Ey, I am coming soon and I make all things new! not tarry. 28.YA am the first and last, the Holy One, Strong, True, and laid the foundation and Chapter in light of the world to be the salvation to the ends of the earth! Amen 29.A you, son man a testimony to the truth of wise and for instruction seeking salvation through Jesus Christ, according to him, just let one hundred and fifteen Words of my instructions for the day of repentance honored with repentance, and say to them: 30.pokaytes and make the world Liturgy of the Savior to the eighteenth day of the twelfth months of this year to thousands of two hundred and ninetieth day after the end of twelve hundred sixty days of the prophecy of my two witnesses. 31.I Prophesy all, being clothed in sackcloth, and call in my collection of the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit from now and forever! Amen

32. That's all he heard and recorded by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit servant and the servant did not standing Anatoly Baaz Paraclete, and supplement, as mentioned, these things prophecy hundred fifteen mentoring thirty heads of the Holy Scriptures, making Eucharist brotherly love thus the smallest collection of the smallest in the universe Christian community "Company Consent" One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, as evangelism with faith, hope and love fastening matter personally, prayerfully, right!

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