Мы часто обнаруживаем, что нас не слышно в диалогах. Потом они незаметно переходят в монологи. Как думаешь, дорогой современник, от чего это?

четверг, 28 января 2010 г.

Best Persons - апостол Бааз

Best Persons - апостол Бааз

I, the last 153 of the biblical apostle of Jesus Christ Anatoly Baaz Paraclete (In.21: 11) Behold I stand at your door and knock to you with love, as once knocked on my teacher. Open and will all be together to prepare the land and people for the return of the teacher. He sent me for this work and now I'm waiting for your confidence, which begins with the living faith of Jesus Christ, today, as then in 30 of the Nativity.

There comes a day when you realize that you are a man and other people - a man too, and in all of this is the beginning, whose name - Wisdom.

It is, because everything has a beginning, except her, because she comes from eternity and the unseen author of life - God.

Same head bowed before her, for she had been before and will come after, and now we have been given time to grasp her, in order to be worthy of the name of persons:

Revelation of weeks: 70y from 21.02.98.

626-day end time and times and half a time. / Dan.12: 11 /

(Revelation 13:18)
All thoughts and words and deeds of men living for Christ's sake, with Christ in the heart and soul, for Christ sentient beating of his heart to Christ guides the movement of his feet, his hands, his thoughts in this sacred time, end time, lack of faith and times of confusion and half revelation of the Living Word, is the purpose and meaning to our lives now and for all subsequent times, for there is nothing in human life is more important, the main priority for today and our living arrangement for the living arrangement of our homes, families, children, parents, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and friends and friends far and near, our contemporaries, with whom we live, communicate, and engage in business casual, although no random does not happen, relationships, everything, everything, everything that we are doing today, immediately to the spot where we stand, and are has the meaning and content, particularly in proper relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the only and all the best on earth and in every human life is today, yesterday and tomorrow, and Assistant Adviser in all matters of right living arrangement of our everyday life, work, Leisure and plans. All of us today, just today, not yesterday, and the overarching imperative to learn from Jesus Christ to build all the relationships between them both at home and at work, with friends and enemies, with all the men on the earth now, in these last days end time of human disturbance, learning to live, think, act, speak so that tomorrow our time has brought us all is not war but peace, not strife, and friendship, not a lie but the truth, not hatred and mutual understanding, mutual respect, patience , the joy of good wins. The eyes of our mothers and our fathers have gray hair to dry the tears of loss and loss of white non-return from the madness of evil and foolish people who have lost their humanity in their terms, but took the souls of his three sixes of the Antichrist and his eyes do not see them and their ears do not hear anything except zombie Satan thoughts and deeds of the same in death, but for the gratification of the body of the sins of his day, employees of wild and dirty profits in the blood of Chechnya, drug trafficking, prostitution. These people have sold their souls to the service animal to his dirty sinful lusts of the body. There is no limit to the depravity of the soul lusts and temptations, as there is no limit to the heinous sophisticated liars, creating a 'good' to rottenness treacherous deeds for the sake of a stupid enrichment and filling her body pleasures at any cost. No, these people are not aware or not aware of the danger and the ease of the price, because sin is always there beneath their feet, under arms, in front of the ears and penetrates to the heart. On the weakness of faith in the salvation of his soul from death, such people indulges his body in death and the body and the soul eternal. It's a terrible price bodily charms, created by the blood of lies, betrayal of the other men to evil, it's a wild card price for the pleasure of the body of a weak man, he pays the purity of his soul to Satan, plugging it into the dirt of vice corporal, a man of sin to kill himself in holiness and the purity of the human and the animal would get an image with 666 in the soul. This is selling his soul to Satan for the worldly pleasures. This is the last time before the end of holiness in the soul and the human heart, the end of the perception of light of goodness and humanity in the deeds and actions of every person, personal Armageddon individual souls in the mass of men, succumbed to the mind and hands and their feet under the influence of Satan and his Antichrist enemy three sixes. This is a direct way to foment World War II, the world's universal cataclysms, which today is real and can happen in the world, globally, if we, the people, man do not stop the incitement of Satan, first and foremost in our hearts and minds and actions of today now, here, at the place where each of us is worth it!

This should bring to every living and the living hope for a better heart. This is the basis of our present ministry of Christians - the preachers of the Living Word of Jesus Christ, this is our sacred task today, immediately, totmig create love and mercy of word and deed, always and everywhere, this is the meaning and purpose of this sermon 153rd last envoy of the Resurrection Living Word in the hearts and minds of the lost and seeking salvation in Jesus Christ, or anywhere else. In this sense the entire ministry of all Christian churches and all our, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church, while the split - the living body of Jesus Christ now, today, now the power of preaching and making a plan dispensation of God is real and concrete way to show the world of men and the truth of the Living Word, the Light of the world of men open and pointing to propose a method and way of salvation, which is the waking of all believers in Jesus Christ's deeds and words of the Gospel to show the world visibly the work of God, so stop by the temptations of Satan figure of the Antichrist 666, strongly influencing the souls, minds and bodies 'sheep' erring, which from their mistakes are herds of goats, a stranger coming to their death in the eternal perdition of sin, and there also involve children and their grandchildren.

In these days of the end times must be visibly and clearly strengthen the preaching of salvation for all humanity in order to prevent multiplication of goat herds, which would loosen and the foolishness of madness and sinful world war itself is in death. Today, in the 626y day end-time human stupidity, Christians around the world must unite the efforts of their faith, and faith together in order to revive the movement had fallen asleep at variance common to our Christian homes - the body of Christ Church, dismembered the rites of idolatry and sin and worldly vanity. A Christian without love to my brother and his neighbor - is a dead Christian, but in Christ there is no death in Christ is eternal life and eternal life - is eternal and holy love which all true believers in Jesus Christ simply have to show the world the union of our forces in contrast to the goat herd of Satan, manipulated by the scenario of Armageddon with the sixth of June 1996. Satan decided to repeat the path of Jesus Christ and gathered together all the spiritual forces of evil spirits of all the atrocities on the ground actually living in the real villains, liars, korystolyubtsah, all the powerful, measurable vosmigrehovnomu mechanism of transformation in human zombied goat of Satan, to a secret 'evening' the forces of evil . Supper took place on 06.06.96. Three Six Antichrist proceed to plan the destruction of mankind for 1,290 days through the incitement of global nuclear war secretly, globally and irreversibly. At this time, today, all the evil forces of hell are on the whole population of the earth, to cause to quarrel with sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, husbands with wives, with Presidents, Prime - Ministers, the country with the country, the king with the king, man with man, through lies, villainy, intrigue, inflammation in men at any cost envy, anger, pride, greed, goon, and any faulty thinking through gossip, intrigue, drugs, bribes, quarrels between close and distant people. At the secret 'evening' Satan 06.06.96. was raised by the devil concrete plan of unleashing global catastrophe through involvement in fomenting war all countries possessing nuclear weapons. Evil spirits were set specific targets to bring evil and distrust through intrigue bribery and incitement to ethnic hatred, not only on the political map of the world where demonic forces of evil must be put into the hearts and minds of many leaders of the desire of territorial redistribution, but Satan has ordered the evil spirits to stir up hatred between peoples and on the basis of religion, in order to paralyze the mistrust, lies and slander one denomination to another all the activities of all churches, religions and religious associations. At the secret 'evening' Satan's plan was put to the middle level of evil spirits, demons and devils for that to 06.06.96. should strengthen its influence on the work of Satanic sects through involvement in the sect maximum number of weak faith of people. Goat herd should be filled with a huge army of drug addicts, cannibals, suicide, homosexuals, infanticide. At the secret 'evening' Satan set a specific task to bring to the organization of many military conflicts in the army and among nations. Many security agencies should be involved in a global system of corruption, in order to paralyze the healthy development of the state system through the destruction of the legal framework of maintaining justice in society. At a secret 'evening' Satan set the task to implement the demonic forces in parliament and government, in ministries and departments, the courts and prosecutor's office, all government agencies in order to paralyze the government and cause massive unrest and public disorder, not to pay wages to courts judged unfair, that the security forces began to apply punitive inhumane practices against its own people to create an atmosphere of civil war that people began to accuse his government and the Parliament and the President and became part of their change, but it will not bring any success for peace and improvement of living in the States. This will bring chaos, disease, depravity of society and put the world on the brink of World War II. Then Satan became extremely strained international relations between people in every country, town, village, in a house in the heart, having sown the seeds of wickedness, envy, lies, and many people have become embittered against each other, taking in their hearts, and particles of the plan of Satan to 1290y day (06.06.96. on 17.12.99. Dan.12: 11) Antichrist would unleash a world conflict in the spiritual world. It will be 17.12.99. - Friday! In this (coming) day (third millennium) will give the devil on the 'crucifix' all the sins of the world, in order to sacrifice himself billions of human lives and for 45 days (years) (Daniel: 12:12 = "who expect (true in affairs of the living faith) and reach (for charity) 1335dney "ie 1290 + 45 = 1335) fourteen biblical annual vessels (7trub - information that opens the seven seals of the last half of the last weeks: 70ti weeks: (ie: 3.5 years to 06.06.96. on 17.12.99.) for the last time, and 7 bowls of elements) result in the following years to self-destruction bulk of the population of the planet - the Earth.

 In this way the devil wants to resurrect a death of billions of souls who have betrayed themselves vices eight deadly sins and the third day (year - Millennium) annual (forty-five day ship God with 19.12. At 31.01. For Dan.12: 12); from 1999goda (other than zero - 2000goda) passing in 2001 - connecting the days and the Millennium / + (second to the third (day) millennium) to rise from hell and hell to pour the entire earthly life of sinful fire death in order for the 45t day (years), fourteen biblical annual vessels of God the last time (Otkr.8: 2; Otkr.16: 1.) push towards self-destruction of mankind Antichrist global catastrophe of human souls.

Humanity, recollecting himself, to unite in the fight against Satan, and the war could drag on for many years of nuclear winter. This scenario is a real global conflict between the forces of good and evil on the battlefield of human hearts and souls of the planet Earth. There is another possible scenario, without war, when Christians around the world will unite their efforts and to 17.12.99. offer the world community a new plan for the coexistence of state and the man on the planet Earth.

Listen to the message of these things, put it in my heart and God help us the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Father and the Son and the kingdom of the Holy Spirit! Amen.

In these times, the last revealed book of God (Dan.12: 9) to save the nation through the revelation of the holy prophets of God, pursuant to a plan dispensation of God (Dan.12: 4) through the creation of the earth with his hands, hearts and living word holy people of the New Heaven and New Earth, as mentioned in the Scriptures through the Holy Spirit is now disclosed for the conduct of all the salvation of all in Jesus Christ the Living Word to a new life, eternal life, now being built at once by faith, the will, honor and conscience of every person living today in the salvation plan of God, either in the destruction of Satan's plan for each individual person in the place where he stands, lives, works, says, thinks, acts. Now, given the right of everyone to solve personal and self-all of all his personal future, forever and ever, and proclaimed in the Scriptures for the holy people, to whom, and given this meaning to comprehend and accept, and execute (Dan.12: 9 -- 10.) glory of love the Father and the Son of the Living Word and the Spirit of life eternal kingdom of God, which have come close to building it immediately, that moment clearly, visibly, specifically with the first stone of faith in Jesus Christ's Resurrection, provisions by each person in his heart for early dispensation of God New Heaven and New Earth from within a heart, a soul, thoughts, things to plan the construction of Immanuel Castle in the early realization of mankind's transition into a new era of millennial reign of the Holy Spirit, a small Christian settlements for orphans and disabled people under the name "Children's Village Maran-Afa, which means the Lord is coming in true love for orphan children of His.

Amended and supplemented in parentheses in bold black italics believe:

This is the last time before the end (of light) the sanctity of the soul and the human heart, the end of the perception of light of goodness and humanity in the deeds and actions of every person, personal Armageddon individual souls in the mass of men, succumbed to the mind and hands and their feet under the influence of Satan and his Antichrist enemy three sixes.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

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