Мы часто обнаруживаем, что нас не слышно в диалогах. Потом они незаметно переходят в монологи. Как думаешь, дорогой современник, от чего это?

понедельник, 22 февраля 2010 г.

Apocalypse 3000 - There is hope and tangible for executable her liveliness FAITH AND SKILLS TRUST WELCOME

There is hope and tangible for executable her liveliness FAITH AND SKILLS TRUST WELCOME

Dear contemporaries!
You yourself can not even imagine how veiled deception fed humanity today.
But do not the bad, because much has been written about the poor. Do not feed the baby rotten food, and think that will grow a healthy child.
Encouraging one, that the Creator of men, who knows more and much better than the people that He does.
I think that the most prudent, will focus its efforts on the study of His wisdom and conditions of our survival as a human race it is today - in an age of information technology.
Only in the history of mankind as a precedent of real contact with us, brought the good hope of saving people from evil, it was practical communication of God with man in the history of the formation of group of people learning a new technology of life - God is teaching His chosen people in the group numbers 153 people, which The author described the life of His apostles.
He gave to His Apostles 153 Biblical necessary knowledge about the rebuilding of the old principles of relations between people of civilization to the new principles of life that can liberate the relations between people from evil and lies.
He instructed them to teach all people a life without lies and violence over each other.
He promised to fulfill, to this day, to members of his apostolic team, specifically your contemporaries now living the last of his 153 disciples Baaz / she lives in Russia, in Siberia, the son of a miner and rural teachers Anatolia Bolshakov / whom and instructed to convey to all mankind Recent knowledge necessary to reform the social order on the way to eternal life and happy future.
Why not take the path of knowledge of the theory of apostolic healthy survival and the real liberation from evil and falsehood of the world crisis of modern power, which for some reason she calls the financial?
I think this is the only viable and effective tool that will lead us all out of the political, economic and psychological madness, which is now filled with air between peoples and between all persons, without exception.
All human burn because of imperfections, but that the author of the rainbow and the summer rain, has eternal life and prospects.
We - the people of the 21st century Christmas Savior of the world, the most prudent to begin to learn and live by the ideology of love and mercy of the Author of life.
I think that my proposal will be a good response in the hearts of my contemporaries, who still know how to think prospectively and do not come under the influence of world religions and sects that make people stupid and obscure intelligence.
Thank you for giving me the attention and waiting for good cooperation in reforming the world according to plan dispensation of Christ the Savior God, the text and the explanatory note which is at the writer of these lines man.
Thank you.
Apostle Baaz-Link
/ Anatoly Bolshakov /

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